Decision Day for wind energy in NSW?

There are various stories circulating that the NSW Cabinet will consider new wind guidelines this coming Monday.

There have been mixed messages coming from key players in the government, but certainly the anti wind MPs have been very vocal, with key figures calling for a moratorium, and the adoption of new laws based on Victoria’s very regressive laws.

We need to send a strong message that the community does not support the adoption of arbitary and regressive laws which will destroy the development of the industry in the state.

Please make a phone call or send an email to key MPs today or over the weekend.

Calling is most effective. Just ring the number and explain you would like to leave a message for the MP. Be brief and polite. Your message will be passed on, and will make a difference.

Stay tuned for further developments early next week.


Barry O’Farrell,
Premier of NSW
(02) 9228 5239

Brad Hazzard,
Member for Wakehurst (Liberals)
Minister for Planning and Infrastructure
(02) 9228 5258

The Hon Andrew Stoner
Member for Oxley (Nationals)
Deputy Premier, Minister for Trade and Investment, and Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services
(02) 9228 5209

Please let them know:

·    That you do not support any changes to existing policy which will drive renewables investment interstate
·    Unlike fossil fuel energy, wind sector employment is spread amongst regional areas and brings substantial investment, and income to local businesses, Councils, and land owners
·    Remind them that NSW stands to gain up to $10.4 billion of new investment from wind power in coming years. Already at least one company (WindLab) has left Victoria as a result of the new laws passed in that state
If you are emailing, just turn this text into a very brief message.

Please forward this to your friends and contacts in NSW.


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