Speak up now for the future of wind energy in NSW

The following is from our friends at 100% Renewables. An apology is in order: when I first posted this on the 10th, the links were accidentally left out and this explanatory note as well. This has now been fixed!

Dear friends,

Two weeks ago, I met with a small group of community representatives, health experts and wind industry folk for a day long meeting in Sydney.

We were meeting because right now the O’Farrell government is finalising new guidelines for the development of wind power projects in NSW – and the industry is under threat.

While NSW desperately needs new wind projects to meet its target of 20% renewable energy by 2020, the government is under pressure to introduce policies that will severely restrict new investment in wind projects across the state

Alan Jones and co – joined today by the NSW Nationals – have once again been on the warpath and are pushing for new rules that would allow a single person to veto any new wind farm proposal in their area.

Similar changes in Victoria have effectively killed off the wind industry there. We need your help to make sure this doesn’t happen in NSW.

One of the things we discussed at our meeting was the challenge of turning the strong and broad community support for wind power into something the government could not ignore. To counteract the vocal minority trying to stop wind power, the government needs to hear from wind supporters.

Phone calls to politicians are one of the most effective ways we can ensure our voice is heard.

Will you take 2 minutes to make a quick phone call to Barry O’Farrell to tell him that you support wind power in NSW?

Yes, I’ll make a phone call

A strong show from us now will help strengthen the members of cabinet that do support wind and help ensure that the new guidelines guarantee the future of wind power in NSW.

Thanks for your help,

Campaign Coordinator

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