Video: “Life is loud”

This is a great short video.

And here’s an illustration, courtesy of, explaining  just how loud wind turbines are (and note that in Australia, noise regulations mean they aren’t allowed to be more than 40 db at a house – less than the sound shown here).

7 thoughts on “Video: “Life is loud”

  1. Lie is Loud.

    Infrasound is not generally audible, yet is hypothesised to be a major factor in adverse effects for residents in proximity to windturbines.

    Some Inconvenient truths:

    1.infrasound is also thought to be a factor in adverse effects in habitation proximity to coal seam gas and coal miniing (essentally via machinery generation)

    2. infrasound is not measured on the dBA scale used in the 40db standard referred to

    3. Infrasound is being studied by Greens activists fightting coal seam gas and coal mining. It is not being publicised.

    4. The sooner foe and fair open – minded people lobby and support urgent research into ALL these issues the better for all of us, for appropriate safe siting of wind turbines, and for honesty and fairness around coal seam gas effects and coal mine impacts (in addition to Co2 and particulates issues)

  2. It has been shown that the levels of infrasound emitted by turbines are not unusual.

    Who exactly, apart from anti-wind activists, is hypothesising that turbines emit problematic levels of infrasound?

  3. Alex, It has been shown by industry that levels of infrasound…
    Not independant, and of questionable credibility.

    Alex, are you supporting the need for research as FOE and Cam have indicated they are and as the Senate has recommended, and as Prof Chapman and Simon Holmes a Court supported in their Senate appearances? If not, why not?

    It appears likely that findings will be of immense benefit to wind turbine neighbours, coal seam gas neighbours and coal mine neighbours. Unless you are supporting all the above? (Which many of us probably do unwittingly with industry superannuation-they are not so fussy as long as there is a dollar in it, )

  4. I think you’ll find they supported “research” rather than the “need for research”. It’s sloppy and/or deceitful to ignore the big difference.

    I too support any research that enlarges our understanding and puts myths to bed, but tell us, who exactly, apart from anti-wind activists like the dodgy Waubra foundation believes that turbines emit problematic levels of infrasound?

  5. Alex, with respect, there is a need for you to do some more research.

    And put some of your own enlarged mythunderstandings to bed!

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