Rally: Don’t Let Baillieu Pull the Plug on Renewable Energy

Save Wind and SolarPoster: rally for wind and solar energy

Rally for Renewable Energy, Jobs and Regional Communities

12.30pm Thursday 29 September

  • Melbourne: Parliament House
  • Ballarat: Alfred Deakin Place, Camp St (Premier’s office)
  • Bendigo: 56-60 King St (Premier’s office)
  • Geelong: 152 High St, Belmont (Andrew Katos, MP)

Bring a placard or banner, bring your friends!

In one black week for renewable energy, the state government recently brought in planning laws that will restrict wind farms from any new developments in the state, and then slashed the solar feed-in tariff.

Less than a month later, it is clear this is having a negative effect on the development of clean, renewable energy. Wind developers and solar companies are closing down or leaving the state.

Come along to tell Ted Baillieu that this is the wrong way and that we want support for renewable energy in Victoria.

Contact Ben Courtice on 0413 580 706 or email for details.

Organised by Friends of the Earth, Mount Alexander Sustainability Group, Geelong Sustainability Group, and Ballarat Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions. Endorsed by Environment Victoria.

Alfred Deakin Place, Camp Street

5 thoughts on “Rally: Don’t Let Baillieu Pull the Plug on Renewable Energy

  1. Great work everyone, lets make this an awesome rally to make our pollies pay attention. There is so much at stake here we can’t afford to let this Government stop us moving towards a renewable future for our kids.

  2. I’m in disbelief the our goverment is turning away from renewable energy. Even if you were to disregard the enviromental effects of our current system, it is a well known fact that we will run out of the fuels that we are relying on in the not to distant future.
    Unfortunatly I am unable to be at the rally today, but it does have my full support.
    Could anyone help me out with contact details so I can write a letter regarding this to the appropiate person in goverment?

  3. Hi Danny,
    Your local member is a good start because they have to attend to the concerns of their constituents and also it is your vote which will eventually dump them if they don’t act. There is a good list of State MPs here which you can search by postcode to find your local MP:


    The council is like the federal senate and and assembly is like the lower house.

    In terms of others there would be no harm in targeting the top – Ted Baillieu, and the following ministers:

    Minister for Gaming
    Minister for Consumer Affairs
    Minister for Energy and Resources Hon Michael O’Brien

    (funny how they’ve mixed gambling with energy isn’t it!)

    Assistant Treasurer
    Minister for Technology
    Minister responsible for the Aviation Industry Hon Gordon Rich-Phillips

    Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations and
    Minister for Manufacturing, Exports and Trade: Hon Richard Dalla-Riva

    Minister for Ports,
    Minister for Major Projects,
    Minister for Regional Cities, and
    Minister for Racing: Hon Dr Denis Napthine

    Just do an email an copy it to each of the above. Also send it to your local paper,
    The Age: http://www.theage.com.au/national/letters/submit
    The Australian: letters@theaustralian.com.au
    Herald Sun: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/opinion/letter

    Best wishes,


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