Maps show where you can’t build a wind farm in Victoria

The following maps are from the office of Brian Tee, ALP MP and shadow minister for planning.

The first map is simply where you can’t build wind farms, under coalition policy,  including the 2km setback from houses and 10km buffers around national parks (which is not in the new laws, but seems to be based on Coalition policy that calls for “The exclusion of wind farms in or near national and state parks”).

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The second appears not to include buffers around national parks, but shows all the various restrictions and where and how they impact.

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For comparison, here is a snapshot of the Victorian Wind Atlas, from Sustainability Victoria. Darker brown is areas of high wind, green to blue are low wind.

In a press release on 9 September (that included the second map above) Brian Tee called for the new laws to be scrapped.

“These laws are a disaster for the industry in Victoria and demonstrate the Baillieu Government’s lack
of vision for the environment and job creation in this state,” Mr Tee said.

“Mr Baillieu and his Planning Minister Matthew Guy have created a dense maze of wind farm “buffers”
and “bans” that have shut down Victoria for future wind farm projects.

“Wind farm companies are now closing up shop in Victoria and abandoning new projects saying the
laws will make it impossible for them to get planning approval.

“Mr Baillieu says his changes are about “fairness”, but in the months to come, the Premier will need to
explain to families who lose jobs how his changes are fair on them.”

Mr Tee said Mr Baillieu’s anti-wind farm laws had set a dangerous new precedent for policy making in

“It’s one thing for the Premier to admit he doesn’t like the way wind farms look – but it’s damning
when this bias translates into a wind farm policy that kills off a burgeoning industry and jobs.

“Wind farms play a crucial role in reducing Victoria’s dependence on dirty brown coal. Importantly, the
industry also supports investment in Victoria and new jobs for hundreds of families.

“Good policy making is not about acting on personal prejudices. It’s about doing what is best for the
State and the people of Victoria.

“Mr Baillieu’s anti-wind farm laws fail this test.”

Mr Tee also launched a new public campaign against Mr Baillieu’s anti-wind farm.

“I urge all Victorians who are concerned about these changes to lodge their protest by writing to
Premier Baillieu at and call for him to revoke these laws.”

11 thoughts on “Maps show where you can’t build a wind farm in Victoria

  1. You need to worry about this only when the over 1000 turbines that have already been approved are constructed. Put the pressure on the developers not the government.

  2. And this is why you never vote for conservatives. They hate change, they hate competition,There are no true “free markets” when they have control of it, they hate people challenging their ideas of what is good for us (i.e them and their mates) and complaining to them would a waste of air and energy.

    Ted will allow coal seam gas to go ahead under anyones property but will not accept the views of protesters and allows undocumented and unproven “studies” as a means of banning wind energy while documented and proven studies of the risks of coal seam gas are ignored. Even if the entire state protested he would still ram it through. (infrasonic sounds from wind turbines is unproven, there is no medical precedents and no peer reviewed study exists anywhere in any journal)

    They will probably even try Nuke energy and advertise it as “good for you” and again that catch cry – “too cheap to meter” or the old fear tactic of “we have to do this otherwise we will have no air conditioning this summer, the fridge will spoil and the cat will go hungry”.

    The party is broken and full of selfish interest. It does not have people as the focus of its agenda, only money, monopoly money from monolithic companies to bleed Victorians of any chance of a future where renewables, clean air and healthy lives combined with cheap disparate energy each Victorian can choose to play in if they try even just a little bit. They don’t want you using less energy, they want you to use more, they hate rails and they hate public transport. They left our states rails to rot while monuments to Jeff Kennet were built in the city. Nothing changes, just the faces.

  3. who cares? there are already well over a thousand turbines approved, mostly where they shouldnt be, like the ones at waubra, but the poor developers cant afford to build them!

  4. Already noted by Peter Johnson above. It’s not easy to build in the current political and financial climate. Add to that a depressed price of RECs and… well, if we want renewable energy, we have to go back to pressuring the government for appropriate policies. That’s right Peter we’re going to keep pressuring the government, sorry about that.

  5. The first test of the ‘right of veto’ over a proposed wind farm can’t be far away. I’m sure there will be areas where a wind farm could be built, you just need to be lucky and pick a site with the least number of wacky NIMBY’s.
    Even so, these restrictions can’t last forever. If 20% by 2020 starts to look impossible, a state law can always be overruled federally, especially for specific projects of national significance.

  6. You can build a windfarm, but you have to basically compensate the neighbours, whats wrong with this?
    At waubra acciona have compensated numerous landholders in the area who were unhappy with their amenity, and there were no rules to tell them to do so. Its just common sense that if you want to build a turbine and run a succesful business its best for the locals to be happy.
    If you drive around at waubra now you will notice alot of houses where no one is living, most have been purchased by acciona and the previous owners have moved into town, i personally know of at least 5 homes vacated.

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