Wind energy for Yorke Peninsula

Wind turbines can’t yet reverse baldness or turn water into wine, but here is yet another example of the potential benefits they can bring to regional areas (if bloody-minded state governments don’t lock them out).

Wind farm could fast track NBN

From the Yorke Peninsula Country Times, September 13. Journalist: Karina Natt

A SUBMARINE cable across St Vincent Gulf planned to transport power generated by the proposed Ceres Project wind farm to Adelaide could fast track the National Broadband Network connection to Yorke Peninsula.

Under the plan, two 10 centimetre cables will be laid in a shallow trench spanning 60 kilometres coast to coast.

Wind farm developer Suzlon said there are many advantages of the submarine cable option as opposed to overhead tower lines, including less cost, time, complexity and increased network capacity.

Suzlon has also said the cable will provide an opportunity to bring forward National Broadband Network services to the region as it is common practice to include these cables in submarine installations.

Suzlon’s director sales and marketing Chris Judd said the broadband fibre will be installed along with the cables.

For the full report, see the print issue of this week’s YP Country Times.

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