‘Wind Energy, Myths and facts’ animated film released.

A reminder of the bigger picture: renewables vs fossil fuels

‘Wind Energy, Myths and facts’ is a short animated film which has been created in response to the common myths and confusions that threaten the future development of wind farms.

Still from animation "Wind Energy, myths and facts"
Still from the animation

Wind farms have been seen by some as being invasive and even threatening to public health. By separating science from speculation, this film aims to reduce the spread of anxieties associated with wind turbines. It was also made with the hope that in considering individual wind farm proposals, we will remember that the current health and environmental impacts of burning fossil fuels are far worse than anything that can be found resulting from wind turbines.

The film has been produced by Pablo Tochez Anderson.

“My interest in wind energy began with a fascination with the relatively simple inner workings of wind turbines and the overwhelming complexity of magnetic flux, the phenomenon used in most electrical generation. I watched web videos where people in rural US show off their DIY turbines literally built into their houses. I have been surprised to hear of the resistance to wind energy in some parts of Australia”.

“We need accurate information on wind energy to be presented to the state government and affected communities. I see animation as a useful means of achieving this”.

‘Wind Energy, Myths and facts’ has been produced as part of Friends of the Earth’s Yes 2 Renewables project.

Given the threats posed to large areas across Australia by new coal mining and coal seam gas (CSG) exploration, the option of renewable energy sources like wind power makes ever greater social and environmental sense.

The film can be viewed on FoE’s YouTube channel.

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