Help head off a threat from coal and CSG operations in Victoria

Once again, rural Victoria is getting presented with a potential future energy option. Do we want coal or coal seam gas? These are single use options for farmland. In contrast, wind, solar and geothermal all have small physical footprints, and other land uses can continue around them. What future would you prefer?

Mecrus Resources has lodged applications for Exploration Permits for districts in south-western Victoria.

Applications with the Department of Primary Industries show that the company wants to conduct soil and rock sampling and drilling to establish the presence of minerals on Crown and private land, roads and road reserves.

It lists mineral sands, brown and black and coal bed methane (also called CSG), gold, silver, platinum and other minerals amongst the resources it wants to explore for.

Public notices have been placed in local papers announcing these applications, and the community has 21 day to lodge submissions with the department.

A decision will then be made by the state government.

Please put in a submission against exploration application for coal and CSG in western Victoria. These must be put in by August 21.

You can find background info and a draft letter to send in here.

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