‘Community power dismantles coal exploration proposal’

This one is from last week and while not directly about renewables it does underscore a basic question for Victorians: what would you rather have in your community – a coal mine or a wind farm / solar plant?

Friends of the Earth media release 28 July 2011

Community power dismantles coal exploration proposal

Last night, at a packed public forum in Deans Marsh, Mantle Mining’s  director Ian Kraemar publicly announced that he would be withdrawing his exploration application for the Deans Marsh Coal Project. This proposal covers an area of 500 square kilometres.

“This is a great outcome for common sense” said Friends of the Earth campaigns co-ordinator Cam Walker.

“The time for further investment in coal, especially broad acre open cuts, is long over. Coal mining would have had a massive negative impact on local people, local economies, landscapes and waterways. It would have added huge greenhouse emissions to the atmosphere. It would have threatened a significant food producing region”.

“This announcement is a testament to the communities of  Forrest, Colac, Gellibrand and more broadly The Otway Ranges, who have stared down this company. It shows what is possible when communities mobilise.

“Victoria is potentially on the verge of a major coal bonanza, with many coal and CSG proposals being put forward. This is a resounding victory for communities in the first skirmish of what promises to be a long campaign.

There are a number of other potentially destructive proposals for the region, including  several coal seam gas permits, and a mineral sands proposal. Western Australian company Iluka Resources Limited has an application for three exploration licences around Irrewillipe, for mineral sands, which comprise titanium minerals, zircon, monazite and xenotime, over a 150-square-kilometre area of private and crown land, about 15 kilometres south-west of Colac.

“We hope that Iluka and the other companies wanting to push unsustainable and unpopular projects hear the community opinion in the way that Mantle clearly has”.

Further comment. Cam Walker 0419 338 047

4 thoughts on “‘Community power dismantles coal exploration proposal’

  1. It would be interesting to know how many landscape guardians participated in the opposition? Probably none but it would be nice to be wrong and know the guardians were actually interested in the landscape and opposing coalmines.

  2. Be alert AND ALARMED ! My experience during a long life has been that once having becalmed the locals..the proponents will sneak in an unguarded back door.
    Dont believe a word of it.
    They could still be lurking in the background.
    And don’t trust Government departments either…especially those that stand to gain.

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