Randall Bell of Landscape Guardians out of touch?

Randall Bell, President of the Landscape Guardians, a prominant anti-wind-power group, has said on national TV (ABC Four Corners, 2011/07/25) that the battle against wind farms is a political battle, not a scientific argument, and that he will use any weapon he can to win that battle.  What does this say about his ethical standards?

On the same program he said that “wind will never deliver on [the government’s 20% of electricity by 2020 target], not in 100 million years”, yet wind is already providing 20% of the electricity consumed in South Australia. Is he interested in facts, or hoping he can ignore them?

6 thoughts on “Randall Bell of Landscape Guardians out of touch?

  1. Randall did make a very interesting admission on the show the other night:
    “he will use any weapon he can to win that battle”.

    Having had to respond to the tired old ‘FoE gets money from the wind industry’ claim again today reminded me that there are indeed some folks in the anti-wind movement who are quite happy to spread lies to try and gain some points in the debate. Its like the multiple false profiles that appear on this site all the time.

    It does make me sad that people have to resort to such petty and shabby tactics to try and make a point.

  2. There’s no doubt poor old Randall Bell has a loose grasp on reality and science, and, he certainly hasn’t troubled himself with keeping up-to-date with wind technology or how effective it is at producing usable quantities of electricity. Had he done so, he wouldn’t have made such an idiotic statement because he would know how wrong he is.

    But then, should we really be surprised by the ridiculous claims made by the anti-wind mob? They’ve never really let the facts get in the way when they think lies and misrepresentation better suit their cause.

    It’s probably best to think of Randall as an anti-wind version of Ken Ham or Kent Hovind, they’re quite certain the world is only 6000 years old – seriously.

  3. “Bell introduced the evening to explain that he doesn’t believe in climate change, and wind farms only exist because of the climate change lobby. He gave us the interesting figure that only 1% of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is there due to human activities; the first of many bizarre and ridiculous “factoids” we were to hear on the night.” No wonder the National Trust got fed up with him.

  4. Looks like this site is a name calling a character bashing place, its time the manager Cam clean up this show. What does this have to do with renewables??? more like lets kick someone because wind turbines are being exposed

  5. hi Martin,
    i don’t like ‘name calling’, but I think the fact that a key figure in the Guardians is a climate sceptic has a lot to do with the question of renewables. If people like Randall are wrapping their anti-science views up in the guise of an anti-renewables (wind) campaign, that explains a lot about possible motivations of him and other sceptics in the LG, and calls into question why they are opposing wind energy, and hence the legitimacy of their campaigning.

    If you think that someone is criticising Randall simply because ‘wind turbines are being exposed’ (what ever that might mean, its a wonderfully Gordon-esqe statement) you probably need to re-consider your thinking processes.

    A question for you. Do you think Randall is right in his position on climate change?

  6. Hello Martin.
    It seems to me that if a person heads a partisan organisation like the Landscape Guardians he should expect that his motives, ethical standards and knowledge should be able to stand up to some questioning. How do you make out that this is ‘name calling’?

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