SA’s emissions down about 20% due to wind power

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) draft South Australian Supply Demand Outlook and Annual Planning Report of 2011 stated that SA’s greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation have declined from around 10 000 000 tonnes in 2005/06 to around 8 000 000 tonnes in 2010/11.  And I quote “The trend shows a decline in emissions over the last few years due to the increased wind generation”.

To download a copy of the report go to  See Fig 6 on page X.

4 thoughts on “SA’s emissions down about 20% due to wind power

  1. Pie floater – “this puts South Australia second behind Denmark in terms of penetration and the per capita figure of 0.702 kW per person is now higher than any major country in the world.”

  2. Yep, this really shows directly that output from wind farms goes directly to cutting emissions from the dirty generators, and that the grid is coping nicely. Docs should guide how to adjust grid for much higher penetration. If we don’t do this the rest of the world will either laugh at us, or penalise us.

  3. Are the anti wind people at a loss over this one? Can’t think of a denigrating jibe? Interesting.

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