state government urged to hold funding for Mallee solar park

The following news item comes from the ABC.

Funds pledge urged for second-round solar bid

The Victorian Government is being urged to hold over millions of dollars in funding for the proposed Mallee solar park near Mildura.

The developer, TRUenergy, was promised $100 million from the Victorian Government but it was contingent on the project getting Commonwealth funding.

The Federal Government has announced a project at Moree as the successful bidder under its Solar Flagships program.

The Opposition’s energy spokeswoman, Lily D’Ambrosio, says the Victorian Government is not guaranteeing the funds for a second-round Solar Flagships bid by TRUenergy.

“This is a project that is going to grow hundreds of jobs for the Mildura area and now we are seeing a Government that’s drawn a line under that and it’s walked away,” she said.

Energy Minister Michael O’Brien is unavailable for comment.

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