Ouyen to launch major community solar project

The following comes from the ABC.

Ouyen sheds light on solar project

The Victorian Mallee town of Ouyen will launch its major community solar project at the town’s recreation reserve this weekend.

A community plan three years ago aimed to improve Ouyen’s sustainability as a community and identified water harvesting and water saving projects, as well as the development of a solar hub at Blackburn Park.

The $50,000 photovoltaic system is now finished and Ouyen Inc’s Mark Wilson says it is generating the equivalent of about two-thirds of the power used at the complex.

“It’s always going to be a bit variable but essentially the Blackburn Park facility at this point in time uses on average 55 kilowatt hours of energy a day and the 10.5kw system has got the capacity to produce around 40kw hours a day on an annualised average basis,” he said.

Mr Wilson says it is hoped the success will encourage other community members and businesses to consider solar.

“We’ve gotten on the front foot and are learning first-hand and working in conjunction with the Ouyen P12 students to put together an information brochure to be distributed to the community,” he said.

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