State government confirms double standard for residents near energy projects

June 8, 2011 media release

Friends of the Earth

State government confirms double standard for residents near energy projects

Environmental group Friends of the Earth has expressed disappointment at statements by Planning Minister Matthew Guy and Regional Cities Minister Denis Napthine, who have confirmed that the State government intends to enact a double standard for decision making on energy infrastructure.

Speaking yesterday, they confirmed that the exclusion zone that will be applied to residences near wind turbines will not apply in the case of the Tarrone gas fired power station, which is planned for western Victoria.

Speaking after a planning forum in Warrnambool, the Ministers said the new legislation was designed to force wind companies to reach a ‘suitable’ arrangement with nearby residents.

Under the proposed wind energy policy, a single household will be able to veto any turbines less than 2 kilometres from their house.

“Yesterdays statements make it clear that the government is making wind energy developments harder because this right of veto does not apply to other types of power generation” said Cam Walker, Friends of the Earth campaigns co-ordinator.

“A forward thinking government would be encouraging renewable energy development. Sadly, the opposite is happening, with an unfair playing field being established”. “Residents near the Tarrone site have petitioned the state parliament to have a buffer enacted because of noise and pollution concerns. And there are around 2,000 people living within 2 kilometres of the planned massive expansion of Alcoa’s coal mine near Anglesea”.

“Why is the government giving one part of the community rights of veto over energy developments and denying them to another?”

“It seems that the government has decided to pick winners and losers when it comes to Victoria’s future energy mix. And it is clear that it is siding with dirty fossil fuels over clean and renewable sources of energy. In the 21st century this seems backwards looking and is unlikely to be popular with the community – especially those on the front line of the coal and gas industry expansion.”

Further comment: Cam Walker 0419 338 047

2 thoughts on “State government confirms double standard for residents near energy projects

  1. I look forward to the howls of outrage from the Landscape ‘Guardians’ on this one.

    Because, of course, the ‘Guardians’ are deeply concerned about the many threats to the Victorian landscape from developments, including coal mines and gas fired power stations. Thats why you hear them speak out so strongly on so many issues other than wind farms.

    Yeah, right.

  2. Posted today at

    Victorian government’s contradictory energy policy
    The Victorian government intends to implement its policy to give residents a veto on wind turbines within 2 km, but will not consider similar vetoes on new coal- or gas-fired power stations. This is blatantly favouring fossil fuels over renewables. See

    If you agree that this policy is either breath-takingly dumb, or breathtakingly corrupt, go to GetUp and vote.

    I’m really surprised that this hasn’t already got up.

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