‘No ill-health from turbines’

An interesting profile on Doug and Barry Hobson from this week’s edition of the Weekly Times.

DOUG Hobson and his brother, Barry, have lived and worked near the Waubra wind farm for the past few years.

They say they have not suffered any adverse health effects.

The siblings have eight turbines on their two properties and say they do not interfere with their prime lamb, stud sheep, canola, wheat, barley, oats, beef, lucerne or pyrethrum production.

“They don’t impact on us at all,” Doug Hobson said.

“The stock use the shade of the turbines on a hot day.”

Mr Hobson is so enthusiastic about wind farms he organised a festival to celebrate wind power.

The festival included a bus tour of the turbines.

“This location is ideal because we do catch a lot of wind,” he said.

Mr Hobson said while some people might be affected by the towering turbines, he believed most “did not have a problem with them”.

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