Westgate Community Wind

An update on the inspiring proposal to establish a community-owned wind farm in inner west Melbourne.

Join us in creating Melbourne’s first community-owned wind turbine, producing clean energy for our community and our future.

This highly visible wind turbine, located on the north side of the Westgate Bridge will attract attention from the approximately 160,000 vehicles that cross the Westgate Bridge each day. This iconic project will demonstrate Melbourne’s commitment to clean energy and desire to address change.

The international scientific community is united in its belief that the earth’s climate is changing and this is the result of human activity and our release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. There is an endless supply of wind energy.  In harnessing the wind, there is no pollution, no green house gases – just a clean, renewable, sustainable energy supply. Throughout the world wind energy technology is well proven and cost effective. It is the fastest growing electricity generation technology.

Westgate Community Wind’s Mission

Westgate Community Wind has grown from a group of concerned residents in the west who believe that taking action at a community level will be an essential part of realising a sustainable future.

If you share our concerns about rising energy cost and the need to switch to renewable energy and want to take action at a local level then become a Westgate Community Wind supporter.

Our aim is to build more resilient communities by investing in local clean energy sources in our neighbourhood.  Our commitment is to invest in the community and to inspire other community groups into similar action.

What has already been done?

Westgate Community Wind has already undertaken a considerable amount of work together with the Maribyrnong City Council to ensure the project is financially and environmentally feasible.

Location and specifications

An 80 metre wind turbine will be located near Stony Creek and will be clearly visible from the Westgate Bridge.  The turbine will have 45 metre diameter blades and will be capable of generating 1.5 to 2 Mega Watts of electricity.
Bendigo Bank’s Community Enterprise Model

The project is being developed using the Bendigo Bank Community Enterprise™ model.
This model empowers communities to have a say in how money is invested in their community and to share in the returns.
Take it one step further and it’s even better if a community is able to directly purchase the electricity they generate.  This way the community also shares in the profits of its own expenditure on essential services. The venture becomes co-operatively spirited but commercially based.

Community Enterprise™ companies will ensure that communities collectively benefit from new technologies and can access the most cost-effective and efficient services. Such companies also ensure decisions that affect your community will be made locally, empowering your community to once again control its future and build opportunities for your young people.  Experience shows there’s no shortage of community spirit and no shortage of leaders in Australia’s towns, suburbs and cities.

Hepburn Community Wind Story

What we are proposing has been achieved before.  In early 2005 the Hepburn Renewable Energy Association began work to establish a community owned wind farm that would help match the electricity needs of the Hepburn Shire.

Construction is now complete and the turbines are turning.   The Wind Park located at Leonards Hill, 10km south of Daylesford in Victoria consists of two 2 megawatt wind turbines. This will produce enough electricity for 2,300 homes, almost the number of households in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs.

How can you get involved?

You can help by…

•       Pledging your support now by completing the pledge form on our website.

•       Joining Westgate Community Wind and help raise awareness in the community.

•       Visiting our website for more information.

•       Telling your friends about us.

•       Eventually becoming a customer.

get in touch
Write to us at:                                                        Email us at:

PO Box 389, Yarraville VIC 3013                     email@westgatecommunitywind.com.au

7 thoughts on “Westgate Community Wind

  1. It’s a great idea and will be a big attraction. Could you imagine having an All Weather Visitor Viewing Deck / gallery at the top of one tower by day and an exclusive Dinning or Night Club up the other by night! ! ! It’s possible just check out this web sites below or copy and paste: “The Eye of the wind the quiet revolution” in your U TUBE browser.


  2. Congratulations to all those behind Westgate Community Wind, like Mags, I’ll be happy to be an investor. I’m more than happy with my Hepburn shares 🙂

    More power to the community behind this project. (No pun intended)

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