Sign up to become a Wind Supporter and say yes to wind energy!

Image: Embrace my Planet

As part of our yes2renewables website, Friends of the Earth is doing short profiles of people who support wind energy – a bit about them and why they think wind is a good idea. We know support for wind energy is high, so we wanted to show the stories of people in communities working for renewable energy.

How to get involved:

1. Do a profile for our website:  wherever you live or whatever you do, we’d to hear from you! Just answer these two questions, and send us a photo.

Tell us a bit about yourself, and why you think wind energy is a good idea. Send to Ellen Roberts at

2. Come to the launch of the Wind Supporters project on May 26 Parliament House steps, as part of the month of ‘Deckchair Democracy’ at 1pm.

Details on the ‘deckchair’ event can be found here.

These supporter snapshots will show the government the breadth of support from across Victoria, connect wind supporters with each other and show the wide range of reasons for community support for wind energy.

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