re-visiting the base-load myth

This recent piece by Mark Diesendorf, who is the Deputy Director of the Institute of Environmental Studies, UNSW, is certainly worth a read, and does a great job of de-bunking one of the perennial arguments brought up by those opposed to wind energy.
the base-load myth

“To every complex problem there is a simplistic response, which is usually wrong. For instance, to the challenge of generating all of Australia’s electricity from renewable energy, the deniers repeatedly utter the simplistic myth that renewable energy is intermittent and therefore cannot generate base-load (that is, 24-hour) power.

However, detailed computer simulations, backed up with actual experience with wind power overseas, show that the scoffers are wrong. Several countries, including Australia with its huge renewable energy resources, could make the necessary transition to an electricity generation system comprising 100 per cent renewable energy over a few decades”.

You can read the article here.

One thought on “re-visiting the base-load myth

  1. Of course this is correct, but it is the mix of renewables and the cost of deploying them and the benefit gained that is the crucial factor.
    There is no reason that large scale geothermal and hydro production could not provide base load power, more money needs to be diverted to this direction of energy production.

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