“deckchair democracy” comes to Parliament House

During May Locals Into Victoria’s Environment (LIVE) is hosting a month long vigil on the steps of the Victorian Parliament House. We’ll be there, from 11 am to 3 pm, every day in May, including weekends. Each day there will be a speaker at 1 pm.

FoE will be joining them on May 26 to talk about the state government’s threat to the future of the wind industry in Victoria.

LIVE explains the reason for the vigil:

“We are taking this peaceful action to draw attention to the plight our children will face in dealing with climate change. If governments fail to take decisive action NOW, it is our children who will suffer the consequences when they become adults and by then, it will be too late to do anything”.

Check here for the daily list of speakers.

Details on FoE’s day at the vigil (Thursday 26 May) is available here.

From the LIVE website:

Even though its our most affordable source of renewable energy, the Baillieu government is soon to introduce laws that will greatly restrict where wind farms can be located – keeping them out of ‘tourist’ and ‘growth’ areas, and giving landholders a right to veto wind farms within 2 km of their properties.

Ellen Roberts, renewable energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth will be speaking about the importance of wind, the myths being spread about it, and what we can do to ensure that Ted Baillieu doesn’t blow away our wind energy future. Ellen will be joined by Cam Walker, the Campaigns Co-ordinator and National Liaison Officer with Friends of the Earth.

Please join us to show your support for wind energy – the laws will be passed soon, and we need to send the government a message on this crucial issue.

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