Who could argue against lower electricity costs?

Coal fired power stations it seems.

Last month the Auditor General reported on Victoria’s struggle to meet is renewable energy targets. He concluded that poor planning was partly to blame, but the State also had to contend with coal fired generators pleading that too much renewable energy would be bad for their bottom line. The generators were particularly keen that Victoria extend the deadline for achieving 10% renewable energy to 2016:

In 2007, the time frame for increasing the share of Victoria’s electricity consumption from renewable sources to 10 per cent was extended from 2010 to 2016. A range of factors, such as the interests of existing generators, the renewable energy industry and Victorian electricity consumers, were considered in extending the target. However, the extension occurred primarily to alleviate the concerns of brown coal generators that the 10 per cent target would deliver too much renewable energy generation too quickly, which would reduce wholesale electricity prices and adversely affect existing generators.

So, not only would renewable energy mean less pollution, it would also mean lower energy costs. We can’t have that now can we?

(The full report by the Victorian Auditor General on Facilitating Renewable Energy Development is available athttp://www.audit.vic.gov.au/reports_publications/reports by year/2010-11/20110406_fred.aspx)

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