3 thoughts on “choose your energy future…

  1. While this cartoon is simplistic, like all good social commentary cartoons it goes right to the heart of the matter. No-one thinks that wind energy is THE answer to all our energy problems, but it is certainly a vital part of our portfolio of options.

    It prompts the question that should be asked of all the anti-wind folk:
    What’s your plan for dramatically reducing our carbon emissions over the next 10 – 20 years?

  2. This is neither social commentary, nor does it go to the heart of the matter.

    This is the usual “NIMBY” comment, as I have seen elsewhere on this site. Which is the customary approach pushed by the wind developers and adopted by many supporters of renewables to name call and belittle. However, social science research does not support this stance, and it does nothing to engender intelligent debate or support. You will do nothing for community engagement or public support by adopting these kinds of messages :


    Also, see 30 : Additional information received from Dr Richard Hindmarsh, Snr Associate Professor: “Wind Farms and Community Engagement in Australia: A Cricital Analysis for Policy Learning”

    Available as a PDF download at the current Senate Inquiry :


  3. ever heard of biomass simon? it works 100% of the time and uses rubbish as fuel. Much more useful in many respects than a wind turbine at reducing carbon emmisions.
    Infact from data i have seen wind turbines appear not to have any effects on the use of carbon producing electricity sources, this is one of the main reason i am sceptical about there use. From what i have seen many developers are in it purely for the money and dont know much about the workings of a turbine, you only have to look at origin energy who published a very scathing report of wind energy a few years ago, but have now decided it will make them some cash under MRET, so of course they take it on, look at some of the other developers around and you will see the same thing. The nursing home bloke and hawthorn footy club director didnt know the first thing about a wind turbine but where planning windfarms, no wonder they have caused so much trouble. Some proper rules in the first place would have stopped all this and made it much easier for the wind industry.

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