which future for Victoria – more coal or renewables?

The recent revelation about the massive amounts of coal exploration that is happening across Victoria highlights the need for the community to be active in defining what type of energy future they want.

The proposed HRL coal gas power station proposal provides such an opportunity.

On Monday April 11th, please join community climate activists from across Australia for a morning of inspiring speakers and action to oppose new coal power in Victoria.

We invite you to join us to say:  No New Coal Power Station in Victoria!

Monday April 11th 9:30am, Federation Square, Melbourne

The company HRL is planning a new coal-fired power station in Victoria, and the state & federal governments have committed $150 million towards it. This money should be funding Victoria’s future renewable energy industries.

Over the last couple of months the Stop HRL campaign has been building community awareness and preparing to mobilise in the likely event that the EPA approves this new power station. The latest news is that this application process has been dragging on because the EPA requested more information from HRL before completed their assessment, and HRL has been very slow in providing this information – the EPA is still waiting.

The Stop HRL collective was originally planning to respond once the EPA had approved the project, but this delay has enabled us to go on the front foot.

This coming weekend, the 3rd annual national grassroots climate summit is on in Melbourne (which we highly recommend – check out the program & RSVP here: http://www.climatesummit.org.au). As part of this summit, climate activists will be coming from across Australia to join our protest.

The action will be the culmination of the national grassroots climate action summit.

It will be a rally with a range of impressive speakers.  And to kick off our media campaign, some people will take peaceful, dignified and inspiring direct action close to the rally to highlight the strength of community commitment to stop this proposal.

Please sign up to our contact list at http://www.stophrl.org, forward to your local group members and ask at least one friend or colleague to sign up too.

Contact: Shaun 0402 337 077 or info@stophrl.org

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