Greens candidate backs wind power

Good to see a bit of vision in the NSW election!

Despite the fear campaign waged in the build up to the Victorian election, the ALP support for wind energy played out well for them in regional Victoria.

Stand back and wait for the howls from the ‘antis’. This comes via ABC.

Greens candidate backs wind power

The Greens candidate for Murray Darling says renewable energy can provide a revenue stream for people in country areas.

Heidi Hendry has welcomed a statement from the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard that wind is the energy of the future.

Ms Hendry says renewable energy can be a good source of income for people in regional areas.

“Renewable energy is scalable, so you can have a few solar cells on your roof, or you can have a couple of wind turbines on your farm, or you can scale it right up, scale it right down.

“That is the nice thing, because it does provide additional revenue stream for these stations or farms,” she said.

“Plus, it allows them to be independent and sustainable.”

She says she wants to see more projects like the planned Silverton wind farm in the area.

“Look, I think it is important, I think that at the state level and the federal level we need to see investment in these renewable energy resources.

“This particular area is excellent for wind farms, it’s also an excellent area for solar energy.”

“It’s very exciting to be here at this time and place when the Government is actually looking at investing in it.”

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