Wind farm inquiry urged to meet in Ballarat

The following comes from ABC. Certainly, many people who are supportive of wind energy would welcome the chance to meet with the Inquiry.

Wind farm inquiry urged to meet in Ballarat

The Senate inquiry into the social and economic impact of wind farms is considering holding public hearings in regional Victoria.

The inquiry is considering holding a day of hearings in south-west Victoria late next month.

It has so far received more than 500 submissions on the impacts of wind farms on rural communities.

The president of the Western Plains Landscape Guardians, Andrew Gabb, is urging the committee to meet in Ballarat.

“Western Victoria is currently bearing the brunt of the biggest proposal and development of wind farms in the whole of the state and I think it’s essential that those senators who are involved in that committee come and actually visit the sites where wind farms have either been built or are proposed to be built,” he said.

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