a few thoughts on the Coalitions energy policy

Coalition shows its true colours on climate change

The Coalition has been noticeably absent from the climate change debate through most of this year.

The fact they released their energy plan just 4 days before the election seems to indicate that they do not want voters to have the time to seriously consider their position on this complex issue. We still haven’t seen their climate change policy.

There are various points of detail in this policy that should worry anyone who is wanting action on climate change from whichever Party forms the next state government. This includes the fact that they have no detail on how Victoria might meet the existing 20% emissions reduction target, that there is no mention of the scale of the problem of climate change, and no direct commitment on phasing out Hazelwood or any coal fired power station. And finally, it includes a regressive policy on wind farms.

As the Clean Energy Council has already noted, if this policy was enacted, it would put “thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of energy projects … at risk”. This will impact directly – and negatively – on regional areas.

The fact that the Coalition has chosen to drop this very significant policy into the public realm so late in the election campaign speaks volumes about their commitment to action on climate change.


Cam Walker

campaigns co-ordinator

Friends of the Earth


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