‘Geothermal Energy: the issue in the Latrobe valley’

The following is a press release from Peter Gardner, independent candidate for Morwell.

Geothermal Energy: the issue in the Latrobe valley

Developing geothermal energy beneath the brown coal deposits has become the standout issue in the seat of Morwell.

Utilising the geothermal energy caught beneath the coal in the Latrobe Valley has been seen as a practical means to orderly transfer from using dirty brown coal fired electricity generators to clean renewable geothermal power.

The plan to change the valley over from coal fired generation  to renewable geothermal has been the main campaign* of Peter Gardner, independent candidate for Morwell. The issue was raised early in the campaign in an article in the Latrobe Valley Express by Fiona Broom. (25 /10)

Gardner’s motivation for the campaign has been the need to act decisively on global warming. He sees the need for action to be taken on a wide number of fronts and that rapid replacement of the coal fired generators with renewable energy is both necessary and inevitable. This will happen sooner or later. By changing over to geothermal much of the existing infrastructure can be utilised

On November 11, Labor announced that a pilot geothermal plant will be constructed at Maryvale at a cost of $217,000. Gardner is suggesting that more than $300 million be spent in the next 4 years.

The greens candidate, Dan Jordan, has also spoken in favour of the adoption of geothermal energy and has called the Labor committment to the pilot geothermal plant ‘token’.

Another independent candidate, presumably a global warming denier, has made an attack on Gardner’s geothermal plan for the valley arguing amongst other things that it would cost jobs. But with an injection of funds to carry out an orderly transfer from coal to geothermal a large number of new jobs would be created.

So far only three of the candidates – including the sitting member the Nationals, Russell North – have not made a comment on this new energy resource.

Utilising geothermal energy under the brown coal is a chance for the Latrobe Valley to participate in producing clean electricity for Victoria well into the future. To accomplish this will require funds, political courage and leadership.

* Gardner has also promoted the use of biochar (pyrolysis) generators

Contact Peter Gardner 51573246  ngarak@skymesh.com.au
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or Prof. Rachel Webster  r.webster@unimelb.edu.au
An Australian biochar generator manufacturer
or contact Adriana Downie 02 4340 4911
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