‘Investing in skills for the future economy’

The Labor Government says it will create and secure around 10,000 jobs as part of its response to climate change through building on its commitments to reduce emissions. This was announced at a launch on November 21. The following information comes from an ALP press release.

The ALP says that its renewable energy target has already created 2,000 jobs in the sector and that this will grow to 10,000 jobs over the next five years.

It has said that it will invest $10 million for an Industry Sustainable Skills capital investment to train up apprentices and current tradespeople with the skills to use and install the latest clean energy and water saving devices.

Mr Brumby said the $10 million Industry Sustainable Skills capital investment included:
• $4 million to build stage two of the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre;
• $1 million towards a demonstration vehicle to take training programs for plumbers to regional and rural Victoria; and
• Up to $5 million to establish an Energy Efficiency and Renewables Academy to deliver training for electricians on the latest clean energy and energy efficiency technologies

The Energy Efficiency and Renewables Academy is currently being developed by industry groups. The facility would be a partnership between Government, industry, unions and training organisations.

“The Academy will provide training on the latest sustainable energy technologies and will commence with a focus on improving the skills of the electrical trade’s workforce, who already, have trade qualifications but need training on new products – such as the skills needed to install solar photovoltaic cells,” said the premier.

Full report (ALP press release) available here.

A note about political content on this site
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