Candidate calls for rapid expansion of geothermal power generation.

Press release 22.11.10
Candidate calls for a Moratorium on all proposed new coal developments and a rapid expansion of geothermal power generation.

Peter Gardner, independent candidate in the seat of Morwell, has stated that we need to generate electricity from the geothermal energy that lies beneath the Latrobe Valley coal rather than using the coal itself.  To continue burning the coal will  increase global warming.

Recent research described in the New Scientist has identified a new alarming long term danger of global warming.  It is plausible that over the next two hundred years, parts of the tropics will become so hot and humid that humans will not be able to survive … even a person standing naked, in the shade, in front of a fan would die.  Humans will be at risk because, in the humid heat, they will no longer be able to cool their bodies by sweating.  Within two hundred years, large parts of the planet could become uninhabitable. New Scientist refers to this as “thermogeddon”.

Global warming is already occurring. The past decade has seen our planet’s hottest average years on record since reliable measurements began more than 100 years ago. In this period we have also seen in Victoria three 1 in 100 year bushfires – 2003, 2006/7 and 2009. Recently we have seen the extraordinary heatwave in Moscow which caused 11,000 deaths which coincided with massive floods in Pakistan. These have been linked to global warming. (ABC News)

Coal has been identified by NASA scientist James Hansen and others as the main ‘culprit’ in global warming. Consequently there should be no new coal fired generators and no new facilities to export coal.

Victoria can drastically reduce its own use of coal by exploiting the geothermal heat that lies under the blanket of coal in the Latrobe Valley. We can use this to generate electricity and phase out the coal fired generators.


Peter Gardner 51573246
New Scientist (23/10/10, p 36 and 13/11/10, p 10)
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or Prof. Rachel Webster
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About the Global Warming Action Party (Aust)


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