Greens Pledge To Divert Millions From Coal Into Renewable Energy

The following is taken directly from an article on the Energy Matters website.

The Victorian Greens say they will redirect $150 million away from a proposed coal-fired power station in the Latrobe Valley and put the money into renewable energy projects instead.

At the launch of the lower house seat of Morwell, Greens candidate Mr Dan Jordan in announced the party’s opposition to the building of the HRL Brown Coal Power Station in the Valley.

Instead the money earmarked for that project would go towards more solar, wind and geothermal development in the region.

Renewable energy has become a hot topic in the lead up to Victoria’s November 27 election, with the Clean Energy Council of Australia predicting a $9 billion cash windfall for the state from renewable energy projects.

Greens lead candidate for the Eastern Victoria Region Upper House, Ms Samantha Dunn, joined Mr Jordan in announcing the Greens intention to redirect the public funding.

“The Victorian Greens are opposed to the HRL Plant being built and will regulate to make sure it does not go ahead because it will not reduce carbon emissions,” said Ms Dunn.

“The Greens will redirect the $150 million dollars of public monies earmarked for this project by the current State and Federal Labor Governments into renewable energy projects such as geothermal power, wind farms and solar power, as well energy efficiency measures with industry and homes.”

According to the Greens, the thick blanket of brown coal used to power the Latrobe Valley’s CO2-emitting power stations could be put to better use: as insulation for renewable geothermal energy.

“The development of geothermal energy in the Latrobe Valley is an exciting possibility,” said Mr Jordan.

“It would attract new industry and create new jobs in the Latrobe Valley and has the potential to become a base load generator of electricity that could replace Hazelwood and possibly other brown coal fired stations as they reach the end of their lives.”

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