ALP preferences to Country Alliance – what does this mean for renewables?

The ALP’s decision to preference the Country Alliance in two Upper House seats is a worrying development when it comes to getting sensible environmental policy in Victoria and significant support for renewable energy.

They are effectively climate skeptics and support the proposal to develop an export industry for Victoria’s dirty brown coal. Their renewable energy policy is effectively an endorsement of our current reliance on coal to meet our energy needs.

If they were successful in getting a seat, they could be expected to be as disruptive on environmental policy as Family First’s Steve Fielding has been on social policy.

Below is the CA policy on the development of renewables and their approach to climate change:
Renewable energy

Country Alliance will promote the continued use and expansion of alternative renewable energy sources whilst at the same time recognising that at the present time only coal fired generation can provide sufficient base load.

Therefore we will promote the development of Clean Coal Technology to enable the State to continue to take advantage of the immense brown coal deposits which will then be an exportable commodity.

Climate Change

Why don’t you have a policy on ‘climate change’ ?

The Country Alliance is not in Government and not concerned with matters outside it’s area of interest and influence.

Having said that, Country Alliance does make some observations on the debate. For example, we have concerns over the ‘science’ reportedly referred to by propents of the climate change theory and the impacts bad policy can have on our constituents.

We note with great interest the doubt cast by the UK High Court on the facts touted in “An Inconvenient Truth”, and the scepticism by Productivity Commission researchers of the Stern Report. In both cases, the arguments put forward were determined to be partisan.

We also note publicity in November 2009 showing that climate change scientists cannot agree among themeselves and will hide facts that contradict what they say publicly.

This should not be confused with one of our main aims, which is to maintain and protect a clean environment.

Country Alliance has always supported proper environmental policies, however we do not support the work of zealots who are not prepared to debate or look at science that does not agree with their personal beliefs – or agendas.

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