Wind energy in Victoria

Below is our map of planned and existing Victorian wind farms. Dave Clarke has links to maps of other states as part of his Wind in the Bush project.


Operating windfarms icon Operating wind farm Wind farm underway icon Wind farm with current planning approval, including some now under construction
Wind farm stalled icon Wind farm proposed but not yet approved or under threat Blocked windfarms icon Proposed wind farm blocked by state legislation

You can zoom in using the controls provided, and click on individual projects to see the details, and a link to any further information about that project.

It must be noted that many of the “green” projects could lose their planning approval. Most of these were approved during previous state governments, and as their approval expires, they may be required to re-apply under the 2011 wind farm planning laws. The first of these will begin to expire in March 2012. More information here.

The following items from the disclaimer at the Department of Primary Industries’ list of wind farm developments, also apply to our page here:

  • It should also be noted that generally, wind farm proponents assess whether to proceed with projects after planning approval is received. The timing of construction and commissioning for each approved project is determined by the private sector developers, and depends on a range of factors, including availability of finance.
  • A number of approved wind farm projects do not proceed with construction and commissioning because of variations in market conditions, altered financial factors, or reduced forecasts of returns from the proposed investment.

There are also  number of other wind developments that are at various stages of planning, and some no longer actively being pursued, that are not shown here. If you think we have made an error please email us.

Victoria’s wind potential

Victoria possesses immense potential for wind energy production. The areas with the highest potential in terms of wind strength are mostly along the coast, in Victoria’s alpine region, and in central Victoria.

Across Victoria, the average wind speed is approximately 6.5 meters per second, which is notable given the minimum average wind speed needed to render wind energy commercially viable is 4 meters per second.

There are significant parts of Victoria where the average wind speed is between 6.5 to 8 metres per second, and many of these are excellent candidates for wind power development.

The map below is from Sustainability Victoria. The key is below.

Legend to victoria wind map
Key: Average Yearly Wind Speed (metres per second at 65 metres above ground)

2 thoughts on “Wind energy in Victoria

  1. Just to get up the noses of you Victorians – we in SA have 719 Watts of installed wind power per person, you have only 78. Ha ha, we are kicking your arses!!

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