101 unbelievable wind turbine health scares

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Addendum, May 15: the list can be downloaded directly, in its most recent version, by clicking here – currently at 114 and still growing!

Professor Simon Chapman and his team at the University of Sydney have reached triple figures with their list of health problems alleged to be caused by wind farms.

Entitled “Is there anything not caused by wind farms?“, the document describes itself as “a list of diseases, symptoms and aberrant behaviours in humans and animals said to be caused by wind turbines.”

Here are some particular eyebrow-raisers:

  • “Air quality damage”: “… the proposed wind farm would ruin the pristine beauty of the area, damage air quality and increase noise levels.” [Presumably this air quality problem is related to fan death?]
  • Sheep: “…very sensitive to noise and to disturbance. This will impact their ability to go where they’re used to going” [Are they having trouble “going”? Can you get laxatives for sheep?]
  • Goats, unexplained mass deaths “In New Zealand, 400 goats dropped dead.” [Are we quite sure it wasn’t the Men Who Stare at Goats doing training?]
  • Dairy cows shocked through milking machines (because of “stray or tingle voltage”) [stray voltage escaping into the ground… does this mean rubber boots are needed? Presumably the danger exists around any electric wiring with an earth lead?]
  • Weight gain and Weight loss [Both are listed. Does that mean they cancel out? Or do they affect different areas of the body simultaneously?]
  • Earthworms leave the soil near wind turbines “seagulls no longer follow the plough in areas near wind turbines. It has been suggested that the seagulls have learned that the worms have all been driven away and that in that area the farmer’s plough will not bring breakfast to the surface. They must go elsewhere for their food.” Suggestion is this effect might be as wide as 18km radius from a turbine.
  • Deaths, yes, many deaths “These extensive studies report numerous serious illnesses and, yes, many deaths, mainly from unusual cancers.” [I don’t propose anyone should laugh at people dying of cancer, but as with many claims made, we should question such sensationalist, and trivialising, attribution for such a horrible disease]
Wind Farm Fear

Image from the animation “Wind Energy, myths and facts” (click to view)

The document can be downloaded here, and includes references to where each of the various and unusual claims are being made. Warning: reading it may cause certain symptoms too!

Dr Chapman has an open invite for people who are aware of any extra claims, please send them to him (details in the document) – or leave as a comment, with a link to the source, at the bottom of this post, and we’ll forward them on to him, whether or not you think they are a serious concern…